New Shows!

Hey Everyone!  Hope your summer is fabulous!

I just updated my calendar so check it out!!!!!!!!

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Summer fun!

Hey everyone!
Hope you’re having an amazing summer! Just wanted to let you guys know that we are booking the rest of the summer and fall! We would love some ideas of a club or event in your hometown to try and play!

If you have any recommendations please write the “bring Lewis” page!

Stay cool!


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CMA MusicFest!

I hope everyone has a great time this week for CMA musicfest!  Maybe I will run into some of you that I haven’t seen for a year!

Rock on and party harder!

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Rebar tonight!

Come hang with me, Nate Bagby and Jeff Krantz tonight on the Rebar patio!


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What am I doing?

Just now laid down to go to bed. Wtf? But, I wrote a killer tune tonight.


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Hey Everyone!

Hello Folks!

This weekend was great! Thanks to The Smiling Goat and The Tin Roof Lexington for a great time!

This weekend we will be at 2nd fiddle on friday and doing some business on Saturday, but you will be in our hearts!

Stay tuned for information on CMA Music Fest 2012 and this summer!


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Check out the video!

Video for “She’s Got it Going On”

She\’s Got it Going on

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May 12th Tin Roof Lexington KY!

GO CATS!!!!!!!!!

See you may 12th at Tin Roof Lexington KY!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Zanesville Ohio The Smiling goat! May 11th!

Hey everyone!  If your near Zanesville be sure to come check out me and the band on The Smiling Goats new patio!!!!!!

Starting at 9pm!

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The life of a song

When I was 17, I wrote a song called “Tell Me You’re an Angel”

After a couple years of being in Nashville I started a record in my downtown apt. on Broadway, titled “If I Had Wings”.  “Tell Me You’re an Angel” was featured on that album, but it changed a little, and was titled just “Angel”  I pulled that record from itunes and other sites once we started the recording of my current album “Roots”  “Angel” is also featured on the current album, but has once again changed tremendously.  When I say change, I mean all 3 versions sound like completely different songs.

Can a song have a life?  And if it can, does it live like us?  Does it change all of the time? Does it have drama? Is it good?  Is it bad?  Can it get you in trouble? Does it make you cry?

I think the beauty of songwriting is watching a song live.  I wrote “She’s got it going on” 6 years ago and about 500 songs in between, and it’s still alive and stronger than ever today.  The only bad thing is that I have been sing it for 5 years, and will probably be singing it until the day I die ;)

I guess that’s a good problem to have, huh?

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